Lack of Work Ethic

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I get asked the same question quite often: how do you find time for everything that you do? Truth be told, I am blessed with the same amount time per day as you are. It … Read More

Do You Know How to Breath?

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Breathing is easy. It is part of the autonomic nervous system that controls our breathing without us thinking about it. Unfortunately, just because we do something naturally, it does not mean that we do it … Read More

Core Class

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    What We Talked About If you have been listening to and reading a lot of my rants on the ole interweb, you know that your core is important. More specifically, it is something … Read More

How Everyone Should Lift

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  Weight training is becoming quite popular these day. So popular in fact, that I bought a barbell gym and put my bald silhouette on the windows…  People are starting to realize the benefits of … Read More

Post Workout Window Myth

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If you have been working out for any length of time, you have probably heard about the “anabolic window” from someone in your gym. Simply put, it is perceived that immediate post-workout nutrition is essential … Read More