Keep It Simple

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The more you know, the more you tend to over complicate things. It is a mistake to think that everyone we encounter in the personal training or strength and conditioning world has a broad skill … Read More

Core Class

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    What We Talked About If you have been listening to and reading a lot of my rants on the ole interweb, you know that your core is important. More specifically, it is something … Read More

How Everyone Should Lift

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  Weight training is becoming quite popular these day. So popular in fact, that I bought a barbell gym and put my bald silhouette on the windows…  People are starting to realize the benefits of … Read More

Trainer or Coach?

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You walk into a gym and you cannot figure out how anything works. There are goofy looking machines, a bunch of half naked dudes wearing skinny pants doing curls dangerously close to the mirror and … Read More

Strength Basics

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For those of you who know me, I am a simple man. I like things to be straight forward and full of truth. This of course, is how I attack my programming. The internet is … Read More