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JDFit Class Schedule

Class Descriptions


Cross Training/Barbell Class

Training with barbells is surprisingly overlooked. The gym is meant for barbells and making yourself stronger. The focus of these classes will involve all of the basic biomechanical functions of the human body: push, pull, hinge, carry, lunge, squat. This sounds boring and repetitive however, strength and efficiency is never a product of variation. All of my clients regardless of their situation in life undergo barbell training and I reinforce these patterns every session to promote health both inside and outside of the gym. Look for this class to do the very same!


HIIT (Circuit)

Interval style training using body weight mechanics and other weighted modalities. The class is usually set to an interval theme of 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off bouts of training. This class would be great if you want to get into the gym quickly and have an effective workout that does not take over an hour.


Core Class

Core work is like getting your teeth cleaned. It keeps you healthy but it is not the coolest looking thing to do. We have 4 main areas of the our “core”: anterior, posterior, lateral and rotary. Training ourselves in multiple planes and often multiple planes in one exercise is going to be the most economical for our body and for our time management. This class is not us beating you up with 1000 crunches for an hour. This class will cover both superficial and deep musculature associated with our core and how to program these mechanics into your daily operations. This class is extremely beneficial to everyone because everyone has back pain. Simple solution is to get stronger!


Glute/Posterior Chain Class

Hip hinging is the money maker when it comes to training. All my clients start with a dowel and learn how to pick things up. It is that simple! This class will teach you how to properly hinge and load your glutes and hamstrings. The hinge is found in almost all of the main lifts and should be practiced on a daily basis. We will go over how to hinge and progress to hinging with a loaded barbell. Great class for everyone!


Suspension Class

The use of suspension trainers such as the TRX has grown tremendously over the years. In this class, we use our suspension trainers for the entire session to improve strength, coordination, posture and proprioception. This class is great for novice lifters as it is easy to teach progressions from the suspension trainer. These very same biomechanical progressions can be carried forth into other facets in the gym as well as progressing on the suspension trainers itself.


Mobility Class

This is my favorite class to teach. Mobility, flexibility and stability are often referenced as the same thing….They are not the same thing and should be trained equally and thought of separately. In this class, we will be going over how to move your body through a complete range of motion. This may sound silly and not class worthy however, maintaining mobility will increase your body’s longevity inside the gym and out. We will go over the difference between true muscle tightness and lack of range of motion. We will address individual issues and answer all questions as well.


Kettle Bell

Kettle bells have been used by the soviets for decades to help supplement their Olympic athletes. This class incorporates the use of kettle bells in an Olympic format. You will be performing cleans, snatches, carries and presses. Kettle bell is a great challenge and has a learning curve however, our great instructors will take the time to teach you properly.


Sandbag Training

This workout incorporates the use of sand bags to achieve a full body workout. At the gym we love to teach our members how to move correctly, absorb impact and make your body’s more resilient. This class does just that…with the use of one sandbag, you will be pushing, pulling, crawling and squatting for a challenging but fun workout.


Pound Class

Pound is a very aerobically challenging workout incorporating weighted drumstick and a choreographed routine put together by our instructor. This is a great entry level class for the low impact nature of the routine and would be a challenge to those who have been in the gym for some time.