Lost Time

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Time is something that we all have the same amount of. Money, fame, or hard work will not get you more…So, if we all have the same amount of this limited, precious resource, a fair deduction would conclude our need to spend it wisely…My intentions are not to write a Horological piece. My understanding of physics is confined to the exercise realm only… I would only be doing a disservice to those whose vocational aptitudes exceed my own… Instead, I want to write about how now, more than ever, is the time to focus on getting better.

Perfect Timing

My goal is to stay within the confines of health and wellness. Politics and epidemiology are not my strong suits and everyone is already an expert anyways… But, I cannot make this post work without mentioning what is happening in the world.

Most of us are shuttered. Isolated in our homes in a true Thoreauvian fashion. Outside of Neflix, nature is being rediscovered. Within this revival, a sense of self preservation looms over many. Monotony increases the need for a palatable change. This is where exercise comes in…Many have picked up this healthy habit and I am glad for this…My main concern is for those healthy habits to continue post whatever historians decide to call this period…

Is there a perfect time to do anything? Change, for most of us balances delicately on this notion. In our minds, things have to be perfect in order for us to cause change. But, as things have grind to a stand still, what excuses do we have?

I would argue that now, more than at any other time in recorded history, is the time to make change. Sticking to health and wellness- these things include: nutritional habits and daily exercise. Grocery stores remain open and nothing else. Nothing else to distract us from what is going to make us better. Nothing to give us an excuse as to why we cannot execute…

Upon further deductions, one would then assume that change is predicated not on lack of time, but more on the want…

Time Spent

I have spoken to many trainers post closure and most are not worried. To a few, sentiments seem to be slightly north of nihilistic. My only questions to these individuals was: “What are you doing to get better?”. Most have transitioned to online work and have taken this time to continue their education via online lectures. To the doom and gloom crowd, they have frivolously pursued…nothing. No lectures watched, no programs written, just stasis…Even when the universe aligns and our precious resource of time is made a plenty, we still choose, nothing…

What happens when things reopen? When you have to show your worth on a daily basis to maintain your business…When you could have done things to propel your growth, but now, time is gone.


Eating better, exercising more, being a better trainer are all wants. It seems as if universal constraints have been lifted and we are all more free than ever. More free to pursue the things that will allow us to deliver a better product and obtain personal goals. Instead of living monotony day to day, work for what is vastly approaching in the coming months. The worst feeling is regretting how you spent your time when you had the most of it.

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