Easy is a Buzzword

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Losing weight is hard. Making a conscientious effort to get to the gym every day is hard. Making food for yourself so that you are prepared for the week is hard. Allocating money every month for a gym membership is hard….

Marketing companies want you to believe that changing your life for the better is going to be easy. Whether it be with a “revolutionary” method, scheme or product, they want you to know that their way takes out the difficulty and replaces it with “easy”.

This is wrong…making changes in your life is difficult. It cannot be made easier or sustainable with gimmicks. You must accept the fact that losing weight or eating better is going to be hard. As soon as you accept the truth, you will realize that your successes and failures are caused by you and you alone. Not by your environment, family or dick head boss.

We structured our gym to match our matter of fact personalities. Our methods require more instruction, patience, and knowledge . Teaching someone to move their body with a loaded barbell is a very rewarding process…We simply want to show people how their bodies are supposed to move.

When you walk into our gym, you have to grab a bar, put the appropriate amount of weight on it and know how to use it. There are no instruction stickers for a proper squat. You have to be coached properly. No treadmills here either. The gym uses sleds, loaded carries and sprint work for conditioning. Again, this is harder because it takes more than a flip of a switch to get moving… This process is not dogmatic. There is more than one way to facilitate this type of training however, better results come with a steeper learning curve.

Remember, easy does not help you get better. Easier does not build me a better business model either…We tell our clients that this whole process will be worthwhile. It will take a lot of work and self discipline to achieve your desired results. A majority of my job’s success is predicated on client compliance. We strive to create sustainability in each and every member. We cannot allow them to become reliant on us as trainers or dependent on gimmicks that promise quick and easy.

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