Lack of Work Ethic

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I get asked the same question quite often: how do you find time for everything that you do? Truth be told, I am blessed with the same amount time per day as you are. It is how I utilize my time that makes my outcomes different than others. Since I turned 30 this past July, this is more of an reflective piece on my life up and till this point. This is not me bragging. I am simply being transparently blunt about what work ethic looks like and how it can change your life. Here is me at 30:

*I umpired professionally for several years in my twenties

*I instruct at several major michigan officiating clinics yearly

*Current Big Ten/D1,D2, D3 umpire

*3 degrees (Fire Up Chips!)

*Several certifications in human movement

*Published on other websites

*Gym owner

*Invited to speak at hospital and other gym functions regarding health and wellness


If I were to make another list that showed my failures, it would be three times as long. I have become very good at pivoting out of things that do not work and pointing myself towards things that do without losing motivation. The list above is intended to make people understand that I have busted my ass since day one. Sure, I have stopped to enjoy the finer things in life from time to time but that only seemed to slow down what I wanted to do with my life…

Work Ethic

Coaching people through the years and listening to everyone complain about time constraints always baffled me. I have long since simplified my life into two major categories: work and hobbies. I do not go out on the weekend and drink excessively. I spend a lot of my time reading and staying up to date with the information that drives my business. I make sure that I get enough sleep each night and fuel my body with the appropriate foods. I could not tell you about what the last episode of the walking dead, survivor or any other popular shows were about. These things do not help me reach my goal and they do not further my purpose in the industry…

There are times of the year when I am running a business, traveling for officiating and completing my school work on time. All the while I still follow a workout program, eat all my meals and sleep sufficiently at night…if you have time for a nap at noon every day of the week, you are going to have to reassess your time management skills…

I have specific days for reading articles, studies, blogs and books. Truth be told, I have several books going at any given time. I always have a podcast going when I travel along with other audio books to enhance my knowledge. I have every hour of my day planned from when I wake up, till I fall asleep at night. I even have sleep on my schedule every single night! If I am going to be anything in this life, I am going to be damn sure that I do as much as humanly possible before I leave.

All of these things go right back into my professional life. Every class I take or book I read will help my employees and clients. The main purpose of the gym and my coaching is to bring my best each and every day. This is only going to enrich an already cheapened portion of the fitness industry. When people come to me about certifications and going into business, my first question always is: when was the last time you read a book? For most, the answer is years ago. The most frightening thing a person can be is ignorant and enthusiastic. You can have all of the motivation in the world, but if you do not take the appropriate steps in ensuring your success, you are going to fail and get people injured  along the way.

The person who instilled this in me is my mother. She always has a book in her hands and taught me the simple rules of to be professional. She taught me to shake someone’s hand, be on time and always be grateful. Showing people that you appreciate their time and business will go a long ways in the end.

Always show up well dressed to events that warrant it. You would be amazed at the first impression that you can have on someone by simply putting on a pair of slacks at a meeting or seminar…

In closing, write out your day hour by hour. I guarantee there will be many hours where you are either watching TV, napping or doing things that do not further the goals you have for yourself. Fill those hours with productivity! This is what I teach my staff and people who come to me for certifications and other professional advice. If you have an hour in between clients, start reading a book. If you have a couple hours at night before bed, take online courses that are going to get you where you need to go. We all have the same amount of time each day. How you spend it is going to determine your success.


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