Lower Abdominal Myth

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Can one isolate sections of particular muscle? Can one then work out said isolated areas and not the others? Can this guy quit using one as a pronoun…? But seriously, you cannot do it and I will tell you why.


What Is It?

Most common “myth” would be the lower abdominal myth. The myth generally states that the “lower abdominal” is activated with either leg raises or some other hip flexor related activity. The feeling of localized activation in the lower abdominal/pelvic region can be misleading. What we will discover is that there are other muscles at play her that re much more deep to our superficial abs.


John, Get To The Point…

You can slightly emphasize certain areas, but isolation is not possible. Your rectus abdominis is one muscle group. It works as a unit and is activated as such. The primary muscles involved with these “lower abdominal” movements are your abs and hip flexors. Your abs will isometrically activate to help maintain spine and pelvis posture…so they are being activated but not to the understanding of most. The culmination of fatigued abs and working hip flexors often leads to misinterpretation of where that fatigue is coming from. Your psoas (part of your hip flexors) is the culprit for this misleading information. It is located in the same region of the body as your “lower abs” but is deeper. So we often think of hip flexor activation as “lower ab” activation.







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