Let’s Talk About My Motivation

John Durante Blog

A client last week asked me what keeps me motivated. Part of my job includes keeping people motivated and full of momentum to get through tough weeks inside and outside of the gym. Maintaining a positive attitude, demeanor, and work ethic is a struggle for us all…even for the bald man! My motivation lies within the ethos in which I live my life by. Simply put, through 28 years on this planet, I have a firm grasp on who I am as a person. My strengths, weaknesses and flaws are all apparent and I work on them every day.

We live in a world of instant gratification. My generation along with the others that follow, seem to lose interest when something becomes difficult. When you put forth an effort, it should pay off immediately. When you pay for something, you should get it immediately. Most of us do not think past what we are having for lunch let alone where we want to be in five years. Of course we may act for our own best interests, but that interest is projected for a few days to a month ahead of time.

Everything that I do, is meant for years down the road. Continuing my education, every workout, every meal, and every dream that I have ever pursued is meant to strengthen me later in life. My worst fear is waking up 15 years from now wishing that I pursued everything that is making my current state difficult. Not a lot of what I have done has payed off for me yet but, I do know I will be thankful for all the roads I have traveled. I will look back and be thankful that I did all of these things because living in regret is by far worse than trying and failing.

Giving 100 percent everyday is the only thing that has separated me from the rest. I am average in every category of life. I am not the smartest, fastest or strongest person in the world. Naturally, my talents are limited. To do things that comes to others with ease, I have had to work twice as hard and twice as long for…I am thankful for this because I cherish the process that hard work has taught me. I firmly believe that work ethic will ultimately beat talent any day…

If you feel like giving up or have lost momentum, ask your future self if it is worth giving up. Do not stop working because you are not at the top yet. The most talented people in this world are those who never gave up. We see where they are at currently. What we do not see is the work that they had to put in to getting there. Give 100 percent every day so your life is not full of regrets…

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