Lets talk about love handles!

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Lets talk about love handles! The one area that people seem to question the most about, is the lower portion of the external oblique. We will discuss how to properly activate your obliques and common misconceptions in terms of activation.

Firstly…what not to do. We are supposed to work all of our muscles the way they are orientated in our bodies. The obliques run at an angle along the side of our abdominal muscles. So their function is slight flexion from side to side and primarily rotation to the opposite side.

Weighted side bends are most popular way that people think that are hitting their obliques. Although they do support some side flexion, the primary muscle activated in these bends is the quadratus lumborum. This muscle is responsible for hip flexion and hip hiking. Also, we are not working the muscle properly given their orientation. In other words, not effective and you could in fact thicken your waist line doing these.

What to do…incorporate rotation! To work the left external oblique, rotate right. To work the left, you have to rotate right. Simple enough and these exercises can be done with bands, cables or medicine balls. I will post videos later, but as this was a spontaneous rant, pictures will suffice for now.

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(Photos courtesy of thewellnessdigest.com and drdooleynoted.com)